Opening of 'rinsing water recycling'

The official opening of ‘rinsing water recycling’ at Wierden was on Wednesday 3 June 2015. Lieve Declercq, chair of the Vitens Executive Board, welcomed the guests and introduced the speakers. All the speakers have been closely involved in setting up the plant.

On behalf of the European Commission, mr. Didier Gambier (head Department B - LIFE and H2020 Energy, Environment, Resources of the European Commission) explained the importance of this project for the European sustainability goals 2020.

Other speakers were Doeke Schippers (manager Vitens) and André Reigersman (CEO RWB).

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presentation opening

Lieve Declercq and Didier Gambier did the official openings act.

Vitens has constructed a plant for producing drinking water from rinsing water at the drinking water production site in Wierden. The plant consists, among other things, of ceramic membranes and is seen as a sustainable and innovative technology for cutting the loss of rinsing water. Plus, energy consumption during the production process is lower. By means of this new plant, Vitens will be able to produce drinking water in an even more sustainable way. The expectation is that Wierden will serve as an example for other drinking water production sites. The project has been completed in collaboration with the European Union, RWB and Eurosteel.